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Belemir Erdoğan from Turkey

Dilruba Can from Turkey

Interesting experience

The cultural compass was an interesting experience, because i discovered new things about culture and also about my preferences regarding culture. I found out what countries would be a good choice to work in the future considering the culture aspect.

Denisa Nichita Romania

Important in life

It is always better to know whether it is important to work or to continue studying at a point in life. This track helped me understand that both work and eduction are important in life.

Sandeep SIngh India

Enlighten students

I believe that the comparisons between countries and continents will really enlighten students perspectives in the country they would wish to work in. I think this test can benefit a lot of students who do not know where they stand in terms of the best country/continent for their future business.

Selina Dwy Turkey

Wonderful insights

Feedback on Contract Benchmarking

Swathi Yadlapalli India

People from different cultures

I really liked the Cultural Bootcamp part because I liked to interact with people at Internations and found a lot of people from different cultures.

Şeref Berke Yıldırım Turkey

Cultural Compass reliable

The results were generally as I expected, but the countries were not at all what I expected. So it was a test that surprised me quite a bit. I think it is quite reliable because the questions are very detailed. But I would like to know more about countries.

Irmak Ocak Turkey

Nice introduction of myself

This CV builder track helped me know how to give a nice introduction of myself especially due to the "about me".

Lakshmi Pranav Kakumanu India

DISC Workshop

It gained me insights about general behaviour and how to react with different personalities.

Ibrahim Oner Turkey

Amazing , and useful

Feedback on Job Education

Comirla Rares Romania

Not blindly apply for a job

This Company Fit helps people to not blindly apply for a job, but to analysing company requirements, it will recommend you the best vacant positions.

Snehith Reddy Nukala India

Easier path to walk

I had a chance to see what kind of things makes easier the path I walk.

Seydican Yanarateş Turkey

Must try

Feedback on Negotiation

Stheeq Syed India

Fun to do

It was fun to do this because at the end I see my personality report

Adile Nisa İnceoğlu Turkey

Amazing technology

The technology behind video screening is amazing

Feyzanur Şen Turkey

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Evra Yaman

All the support

"The Student Promise is a company that gives me all the support I need to have a job where I can use my potential and build a new life in a country where I will live happier. It also guides me to progress in my career and offers training on these topics."

Miruna Cimpeanu

opportunity to work

"You can see your shortcomings in the career path with the opportunities provided by The Student Promise. With these, you can find the opportunity to work abroad and continue your career in a suitable job and city."

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