Hofstede's Cultural Compass

Hofstede’s Cultural Compass allows you to find the right environment for you to dream big in.

It helps you to understand much more about different cultures around the world and how they align with your own preferences.

Culture influences individual behavior, work habits and company expectations. This in turn impacts how well you will fit in. You’ll want to know that you’re in the right place after all.

Having an in-depth understanding of cultural differences helps you find the right match if you’re considering moving abroad for work, or if you find yourself in a multicultural working environment.

After choosing the countries that entice you and completing a 42 question survey, you’ll get detailed, tailored feedback across 6 dimensions comparing your personal preferences to the countries of your choice. This way you can deduce how good of a match each country is for you, why certain differences might arise, and how you can avoid any potential setbacks while working in that country.

So what are your happiness and future worth?<br/> Buy all tracks in the Cultural Fit phase for €7.95!