Why the Cultural Fit Phase?

Finding the right environment for you is the most important step towards you being all that you can be. So, instead of wasting time in places which don’t feel like home, invest a little now and find your happy place.

Our Cultural Fit Phase allows you to identify the countries which fit your needs and preferences. It's composed of two tracks, the Cultural Compass Track and Cultural Bootcamp Track, in which you'll take a scientific test to measure your fit in the countries that interest you and meet people who are already there.

Cultural Compass

Which country?

The Cultural Compass Track takes you on a scientific test (Hofstede’s cultural dimensions theory) to see which countries are a good fit for you, based on your preferences and the attitude of the culture in every country.

You’ll take a questionnaire and your answers will be analyzed instantly and give you a result based on 6 dimensions of cultural values, which will help you decide if a country is right or not for you.

So what are your happiness and future worth?<br/> Buy all tracks in the Cultural Fit phase for €7.95!

Cultural Bootcamp

Free advice

The Cultural Bootcamp Track allows you to meet real people from the countries you are interested in. The best part is that you can actually get in touch with people from your country who have already traveled there. This way, you can get the best advice and insights, from people who’ve been in the same situation as you.

You can ask them questions like on how to get visa, setting up a bank account, learn what work ethics are in foreign country or what the best local pub is. The best way to learn about a new culture is by getting in touch with members of that community, which is exactly what you’ll be doing.

So what are your happiness and future worth?<br/> Buy all tracks in the Cultural Fit phase for €7.95!

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