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How far are you prepared to travel in your search for a career? Are there any boundaries holding you back? Free up your curiosity and explore new horizons. See where you stand on cultural differences. Challenge yourself with The Student Promise’s Cultural Fit track and define the criteria most important to you in choosing a foreign work environment.

Cultural Compass

Set your limits

Hofstede’s Cultural Compass gives you the chance to explore and assess working environments abroad. Through the Cultural Compass assessment, you’ll be able to challenge your perceptions of life and work in a different culture and see where you set your cultural boundaries.

Test out powerful tools for understanding how cultural differences can impact your choice of job and your working life.

Cultural Bootcamp

Get to know a culture before you’ve arrived.

Dig down to the fundamentals of cultural diversity in a truly personal way . Your chance to share time, one on one, with someone who lives in the place you dream of going to. Find out what motivated them to take the leap - and if they’re happy with their choice.

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Which culture works for you? Fill in our cultural fit test and understand which culture suits you best.