AI Job Matching

Just for you

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Job Matching, Tailored Just For You

Job search sites don’t work for you -- they work for the employer. You might spend hours, days or weeks trawling through and applying for vacancies that really don’t suit you.

You deserve better, so we came up with a solution:

Machine Learning-powered job matching that works just for YOU!

Using your DISC test results, your experience, your qualifications, cultural preferences, and personality, our technology matches you with job openings that are in line with what you want, what you need, and what you can achieve.

Our innovative technology analyzes over 20 million jobs online, all over the world, at every type of company, then tailors a shortlist according to everything we’ve learned about you. Better yet, it shows you how and why it’s the right match for you.

Don’t waste time applying for any old job -- apply for your ideal job!

Buy all tracks in the Company Fit phase for €39.00!