It’s the moment of truth: finding companies and jobs that really and truly click with what we know about you. Remember the relationship we talked about in the Personal Fit phase? Here’s where you’ll go out to find that perfect match. Unlike recruiters, we’re only interested in putting you together with a company - and job vacancies - that suit you 100%.

Job matching


Based on what we know about you through our DISC tests, we go out to find you a job that’s in sync with all your needs

Unlike regular job sites, which match you with jobs based on your qualifications and experience, we look for vacancies that take on board all your qualities.

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Applying for your first job takes courage and imagination. But it also takes expertise.

You’ll need an exceptional CV and a video presentation that blows your employer away. We’ll help you create them.

Get competitive advantage in a crowded job market by having the best job application on the block.

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Practice makes perfect. We’ll guide you through one of the biggest challenges in your job-search: the job interview.

With expert interview tips and advice we make sure you’re ready to hit the road

Learn how to prepare yourself for the big day, hone your people skills and…… keep calm.

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Contract benchmark


Is your future employer being fair and square? It’s hard to be sure when you don’t know how to check.

We always offer contract testing on any contract you’re about to sign, to ensure it meets industry standards.

With our Contract Benchmark, you know you’re protected.

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Job satisfaction is more than just the right salary.

Being happy at work comes from negotiating the terms that work for you on every level.

Let us teach you a skill you’ll come back to for the rest of your working life.

Buy all tracks in the Company Fit phase for €39.00!

We are just curious...

Do you know how to get the best deal?

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