New people, new environment, new challenges. Your first day at work is the opening chapter in the dynamic process of your career. There’s a lot to learn, on a practical level and on an emotional level. You’ve got to strike a balance between asserting yourself and knowing when to prioritize the team. You’ve got to work out when and how to talk about your first promotion. Through our e-learning platform we can nurture your newborn career. Find practical support in preparing your first job and assistance in presenting your ideas, through to hints on fine-tuning your relationships with colleagues.

skills to develop


You’ve got qualifications and you’re motivated. But are there still gaps in your hard or soft skills? Our database of skill development courses will set you on the right track. As your career unfolds, dip into this resource any time to boost your confidence and your CV.

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Before your first day


Reading up on your responsibilities. Contacting your future colleagues via LinkedIn to introduce yourself. Making sure you’re perfectly on time for your first day in a new job. These are just a few of the tips we’ll give you to prepare for Day 1 at the office.

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First day


You’re in! Be prepared to handle that overwhelming first day at work. Focus on how to listen and learn. Start becoming a valued team player. Practical and emotional advice to guide your first steps in the workplace.

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first review


Your first review at work isn’t a one-way process. We’ll show you how to engage fully in this phase of your new career. Make your voice heard in the right way and understand how to interpret the feedback you’ve got.

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First Problem


We all get into tricky situations sometimes. Work is no different. In these early days, we’re here to help you manage conflict, personality differences or any other problems you’re having.

Buy all tracks in the At Work phase for €29.00!