You’re about to take a big step

One platform giving you all the tools you’ll need to make that step as smooth as possible: The Student Promise is a one-stop solution connecting you with your future. We help you lay the foundations for your career, from skill development right through to how to find a job. You’ll understand yourself and the job market so much better - getting you exponentially closer to the career you deserve.

You will be able to learn the skills you need to aim high, for your first job and for the rest of your career.

Orientation phase


How does job hunting really work? What’s the best way to apply for a job? In this phase, you’ll explore a wide database of job descriptions that will inspire you. You’ll start thinking about the first steps you’ll take to get where you really want to be.


Find out from a local what it’s really like to live and work abroad.

Network with current expats in your future home country.

Cultural fit phase


The Student Promise is your gateway to global career opportunities. In this phase, we discuss the ins and outs of finding a job abroad and how to navigate cultural differences.

Development Center

A world-class team of experts at your side, all the way. Check out the partnerships we’ve made with Eloomi, Thomas, Careercake and Skillsoft. The very best in smart e-learning, personality development courses and career counselling courses. All right here for you.

Personal fit phase


Self-awareness is the fastest way to career success. In the personal fit phase you’ll do assessments to discover who you are and what makes you unique.

Knowledge base

Our knowledge base is your go-to spot to find any information you need to get started on our platform. <br/><br/>This is the place where you’ll find handy blogs, in-depth articles and checklists to get your journey started. Learn more about our DISC-test, how to do a video screening and read an article on our partner Hofstede.

Company fit phase


Let our intelligence matching platform connect you to the companies that suit you best. Our company assessments identify your working preferences on one hand and individual company cultures on the other.

At work


Tricky situations with colleagues? Difficult decisions to take? Going to a new job for the first time can be draining, nerve-wrecking and sometimes awkward. Prepare for your first day with our ‘at work’ phase.

One of the best platforms

One of the best platforms to explore yourself.

Swathi Yadlapalli India

Great great great

"I would say as a young person living in Turkey, today is very difficult to find a proper job. I'm sure The Student Promise will not only prepare me for my first job, but they will make the perfect match for me."

Mehmet Istanbul

All the support I need

"The Student Promise is a company that gives me all the support I need to have a job where I can use my potential and build a new life in a country where I will live happier. It also guides me to progress in my career and offers training on these topics."

Abhimany Mumbai

No doubts anymore

“Without knowing yourself and without deciding what you really want, to start a new career is very challenging. I believe with the help of the “The Student Promise” I will start my career powerfully without any doubt."

Daan Woerden

Pursue my career

"I am a first year university student. I am just at the beginning of my career and the decisions I will make in these years will affect my whole life. It gives me a lot of confidence to take these decisions with professional support instead of taking them alone. The Student Promise not only offers a classic coaching but also cares about my personal development and most importantly, it cares more about who I am than my profession. "

Alina Brasov

Interesting experience

It was an interesting experience to see which part of the world is suitable for which of my characteristics. (Feedback to Culture Compass)

Bükte Çelebi Turkey

Really helpful

It was really helpful to inform us about the job matching process.

Şeref Berke Yıldırım Turkey

Very Interesting!

Feedback to Negotiation

Hema Varshini Guggilam India

Very useful & got confidence

It's is very useful. First I got nervous, later I made many attempts and I got confidence.

Yeshwanth Mokhamatam India

Fun to do

It was fun to do this because at the end i see my personality report. (Feedback to Personal Assessment)

Adile Nisa İnceoğlu Turkey

New way

It was a new way to see what I need, to work or study

Robert Cernea Romania

I can understand much better

Give some more examples so I can understand much better. (Feedback to DISC Workshop)

Chebrolu Rukmini India

Wonderful insights

Feedback to Contract Benchmarking

Swathi Yadlapalli India

Good tutorial

Nothing is there to recommend it was good tutorial. (Feedback to Negotiation)

Chebrolu Rukmini India

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