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Job boards – How do they work?

As a fresh graduate, you either start the search for your first job in the field that will paint the initial scenes of your professional journey. Or, you are a seasoned employee who’s simply exploring further opportunities to face newer challenges and earn better income. The two stages carry a common platform - A job board (aka, job portal). Simply put, a job board is an online platform for both employers and job hunters. It allows employers to list a vacant position to find a suitable candidate for the job. Similarly, job seekers can utilise such portals to find work that matches their qualifications and skills.

How helpful are job boards?

Through the years, this platform has risen in popularity for recruiters and job seekers. They are valuable tools wherein candidates can upload their resume as well as provide up-to-date professional summary about themselves. It also ensures efficiency for employers so they can advertise a specific role and find the right candidate with tailor-made qualifications for the job, such as a software engineer or a marketing analyst. For recruiters, some job boards usually provide complimentary services for select features such as job postings or free trials. Alternatively, the premium services can include access to the extensive candidate database and post sponsored jobs. More often than not, job boards are free to use for candidates.

Owing to innovation and globalisation, few job board platforms have become flexible and candidate-oriented. They have begun to offer e-learning programs for candidates to develop their skills to enhance their talents and widen their area of expertise. Moreover, many of these platforms come integrated with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), a digital software that provides a well-structured applicant database for smoothening the application process.

Your career trajectory begins from here

A noteworthy point is that while there are multiple job-searching platforms that exist containing thousands of jobs, it is a tedious task for you, the candidate, to ascertain which role suits you. In other words, is the company the right fit for you? What about the work culture? Are you satisfied with the income package? These are few points that influence the journey towards your end goal. So bagging a new job is challenging, yet exciting and completely rewarding!