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How do recruitment agencies work?

To find the right job there are a lot of players in the working field. One of them is the recruiter. There are two different types of recruiters. You have in-house recruiters, they work for one company and find employees for that company. And there are agency recruiters. They work for a recruitment agencies and work for multiple companies to hire people. They’re the ones we focus on in this article.

What is an agency recruiter?

Agency recruiters are an intermediary between a job seeker and a potential employers. They serve the needs of the companies who hire for them and pay them to do that. Recruiters are typically paid based on two criteria: the salary of the jobs they put people in or how many people they place.

How do recruiters work?

Because of the pressure to fill positions they don’t work in the best interest of the possible candidate. They check whether you meet the basic requirements of the vacancy and if you do so they will contact you. As a result, it often happens that you’ll be contacted by a recruiter about irrelevant job roles that do not fit your job or for jobs at a company where you do not fit it’s culture.

Usually a recruitment agency won’t advertise the brand of the potential employer fully. They won’t post any identifying information about the company because if you knew what company was hiring, you could apply for the job yourself. You’ll be given second-hand information about the company and it’s up to the recruiter to see if you will fit the company’s culture. When they think you will be a good fit for the company, they introduce you to the company. So you only get a interview with the company in the very last phase of the process. Only then you will find out whether this company is something you feel good at. If this is not the case, you’ve put a lot of time and energy into something that does not suit you.

How recruiters can help you

There are jobs where a recruiter can help you in your search. For instance when you work in a field with a shortage of talent. Then there are more open positions than good people to fill them. Or you are a specialist or expert in your profession. You have a very specific and hard-to-find skill or a lot of experience in your industry. But there’s no harm in sending your resume to a few recruiters when you are looking for a job. It doesn’t cost you anything. But don’t get your hopes up when you don’t hear anything from them. Or if a recruiter says they can’t submit you for a job, you can still apply on your own. Some companies are more willing to hire you when they don’t have to pay a recruiters fee.