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When to use a job portal

What do you mean by job portal? In this article we mean by job portal, platforms that are specialized in job vacancies for freelance professionals. This can be in a generic or in a specific branch. In job portals are both people looking for work as employers post their offers. It’s also called job board or freelancer marketplace.

There are a few differences between a job portal and a job search engine. With a job portal, companies place specific, short freelance jobs and often accept job applications directly through the job portal. Employers typically pay a fee to the job board to list their jobs on the site. Job search engines collect millions of listings on their platform. You will find a wider variety of job postings on job search engines because they contain listings from multiple sources. However, you may also have to look through duplicate listings.

Being a freelancer is an excellent way to turn your skills into money. You have the freedom to apply for only the projects that you like or you’re good at. You’re your own boss. You can organize your work as you wish. Usually you can ask for a good freelance hourly rate. Of course, the higher hourly rate of a self-employed person cannot be translated one-to-one into income. The hourly rate also includes costs for acquisition and administration and, for example, the costs for a workplace. Nevertheless, a self-employed person generally retains more than someone who is employed.

Of course there are also disadvantages to working as a freelancer. For example, you never know for sure how many assignments, and therefore income, you will have in the future. As a freelancer, you have to be able to deal with uncertainty well. You also have to do everything yourself. From acquisition to invoicing and from administration to tax returns. There are many apps and websites these days that make this easier, but as a freelancer you have to be pretty all-round. Most freelancers take this for granted. They enjoy the freedom they have to organize everything as they want, the good earnings and the diversity in their work.

Job portals are a good way to find jobs that suit you but you have to profile yourself well on such a portal. It is useful to specialize for a niche market so that you have an edge over another.