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Internship - experience prior to your career

Internships are a form of work experience undertaken during your college/university years. They help you apply theoretical knowledge to real-life job applications in a work environment. Internships can allow you to gain considerable work experience and improve your qualifications while studying, enabling flexibility for you and the employer. Occasionally, you, in the role of a student, may face uncertainty whether to pursue an internship or not. However, they are a necessary requirement for many entry-level jobs while other employers may choose to oversee that particular criterium. Generally, employers favour students who undertake an internship, as this provides them with an insight into your work ethics.

How valuable are internships?

“Internships have always been important to college students, but never more than now.” - Katie Riley State Farm

As mentioned above, the concept of an internship is to boost one’s career prospects. It stands by your side while you helm your professional ship; enough to gather on-hands training while obtaining a true feel of the waters. Simultaneously, it helps groom your personal and professional growth so that you adapt and overcome certain difficulties, which will consequently aid you in making better decisions in your long-term career. Additionally, internships can be a testing ground to discover your career options prior to fully committing to a profession. The opportunity offered paves way to further understanding if the particular role would suit you for a long-term professional career. In the process, the transferrable skills such as planning, organising, effective communication and so on prove useful regardless of your choice to pursue the specific career field or otherwise


To sum up, internships help obtain valuable work experience and skills. Many universities encourage students to acquire meaningful learning experiences through practical application related to their course. In doing so, you, a student, will most definitely earn substantial skills and knowledge, thereby adding to your existing qualifications!